San Diego skyline

Archaeology as a Tool

Last week was the ASOR (American School of Oriental Research) annual meeting in San Diego. The Goulburn Valley project was presented as part of the session Archaeology as a Tool for Enhancing Participant Welfare, Social Cohesion, and Education. Besides our paper “Using archaeological methods to bridge the urban-rural educational divide”, the session included some amazing work by Israeli and American archaeologists working on various outreach … Continue reading Archaeology as a Tool

Zoological collection at the University of Liege (zoom whale skeleton)

University Museums and their Publics

From the 5th to the 7th of November the University of Liège in Belgium hosted a conference to address the needs of university museums and particularly their unique relationship with their audiences. The conference team highlights its motivation for this conference on the website: “University museums are still mainly visited by an insufficiently diverse audience limited to researchers/students/professors and a few families or informed amateurs. … Continue reading University Museums and their Publics

Pot Sherd Creativity

Our Year 7 students are always very excited when given the opportunity to handle authentic pot sherds so with gloves on and magnifying glasses in hand they approach the activity with tremendous enthusiasm. There is an opportunity to record details of the sherd on an object card or to draw the sherd in its current condition and provide an interpretation of what it may have … Continue reading Pot Sherd Creativity

2019 School Visits

Sharyn and Annelies are recently returned from visits to all of our partner schools. This year we shared a new range of objects for our classification system activity and we were delighted with the creativity shown in sorting bags of lids, shells and buttons. The classification activity provides an insight into the information that can be gleaned from looking at everyday items in a new … Continue reading 2019 School Visits

November is Conference Season

In November, the Goulburn Valley project will be attending three international conferences! We will be sharing some of our aims, tools and outcomes in forums focusing on inclusivity in museums and research. From the 5th to the 7th of November Annelies will be attending the conference University museums and their Publics at the University of Liège and presenting the paper “Overcoming Entry Barriers: A Mobile … Continue reading November is Conference Season

Meet Bessie

Earlier this year the project founder, Sharyn Volk, presented the Goulburn Valley project at the CAUMAC conference on Object-Based Learning and Teaching, Research and Engagement in University Collections. Her presentation included a summary of the project’s progress to date as well as some exciting new collaborations and initiatives that we have coming up. While we can’t disclose everything, we can now talk about the plans … Continue reading Meet Bessie

2018 School Visits

We’ve just returned from the beautiful Goulburn Valley.  This year we had the privilege of working with Year 7s, 8s and 9s.  The popularity of our Gods and Goddesses card game was proven again with the Year 7s. They successfully identified ancient Egyptian pantheon members and then translated this information into recognition of 3D objects.  Armed with new knowledge reading Book of the Dead 125 from … Continue reading 2018 School Visits